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    I now offer 12v Amplifier Repair Service focusing on non-warranty repairs. I can repair most modern amps including both Class A/B and Class D. Repairing an amp is far less expensive than buying new or even buying a used one.

    I charge a flat $75 non-refundable estimate. This covers the bench testing process to identify defects. If the amp bench test OK with no defects, I charge $35 for this service.


    • Customer pays for all return shipping charges over the cost of repairs
    • Amps are shipped in the same containers received, please use care in shipping your amps
    • If you are local, you may drop off the amp anytime.
    • Estimate testing work begins once the $75 estimate fee has been paid. We will email you an invoice for payment or you can pay upon dropping off your amp
    • $75 estimate fee goes towards total repair cost once you agree to have the amp repaired under the repair service details invoice
    • If you choose not to have your amp repaired or if the amp is not repairable, customer pays for return shipping.
    • If the amp bench test OK, we charge $35 for this service.
    • If you paid $75 and the amp test OK, we will refund an amount minus the $35 testing fee and minus the return shipping charge.
    • I provide a 90 day warranty on all amp repairs 
    • Any amp repair bill not paid within 60 days of customer repair notification, will be forfeited


    You ship me the amp at the address shown below. Please email me or text me the tracking information. I will email you an invoice to cover the $75 non-refundable fee. It generally takes a few days to perform testing. I will email you a repair service details invoice and the repair total including parts needed to make repairs and return shipping charges. Total repair time could be 1 to 2 weeks depending on part availability. Please contact me before sending your amp

    BIRMINGHAM, AL 35235
    (205) 308-8087