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    If you have a system that doesn’t sound quite right, I might be able to help. I offer several services for in shop system tuning.


    • Amp gain setting including both clip and distortion detecting
    • Multiple sub amp gain matching including phase alignment
    • In car RTA setup for SQL. This includes time delay, crossover and equalization setup
    • In car RTA setup for SPL. This includes frequency curve analysis providing peak frequency tune points for sealed, ported and bandpass enclosures
    • Factory system integration. This is where an integration processor is added to provide RCA level outputs for aftermarket amplifiers and speakers 
    • In car speaker phase check

    My tuning service fee is $100 per hour with a one hour minimum. Projects need be scheduled ahead of time; contact me or you can drop by the shop for a free assessment. 


    High Voltage Car Audio, HVCA, assumes no responsibility in equipment failures due to customer use. HVCA uses our years of knowledge and specialty equipment to accurately tune your system but even under the best of tunes, equipment can break. Customer assumes all responsibilities for any equipment failures.